Week In a Recap

Recap posts are kind of funny, at least if it’s me writing. The idea is to quick post what’s been going on, but I tend to go into a lot of detail… But, that’s okay, because you love me and like the detail, right?

  • Matt left yesterday. We had a great visit with him that included just hanging out and him seeing us do life everyday, snorkeling, a trip out on a repair day with me, visits with friends, several games of Catan, lots of bedtime stories read to Olivia, and just good family time. It was a really good week and we’re thankful for the little window making it possible for us to all be in the same place at the same time.
  • I’m liking my new work schedule! Things are kind of light for me right now, so I’ve been guiltlessly hanging out with Alex. It’s been good. Yesterday I was going to write an entire post on what a day with him looks like, but after having to clean up the flooded bathroom from him exercising his curiosity about what happens when one closes the drain plug and leaves the tap on, I was out of energy. Seriously! That and fighting a nasty diaper rash that just keeps on going… He’s fabulous and amazing and draining all at the same time.
  • Our internet has been giving us problems. We use a few Digicel USB sticks, and the service went out late last week. Still not back up. We’re using my iPhone as a hotspot, so if you’re not hearing from us as much, that’s why. You gotta love being in a place where you go to the office and tell them about it and they say, “Yeah, we’re having network issues. Should be fixed by this afternoon…” And “this afternoon” was Monday…
  • Alex is testing out his verbal skills and totally surprises me with what he’s trying to say. Most kids go for simple words first. He says things like “shoes” and “eyes”. It kills Chris that he hasn’t said “Daddy” yet, though when you ask him to say it he says, “Papa” which is Daddy in Creole. Me thinks he’s just too smart for his parents.
  • Today Chris, Ryan and I went out to the new land to do something very fun – we staked out buildings!! The guys have been hard at work with getting the fence up and should be done that tomorrow. We’ve been working on house & office plans for months, and finally sent off the preliminary version to the engineer a week or so ago. Today we got to put big pieces of wood in the ground and run string between to see how much space things will take up. It’s so exciting! Chris has really had to bite this off in stages and has struggled with the planning part of it because it seemed like such a huge stretch. While he was working on actually buying a piece of land I was dreaming about the house and office and putting things on paper. When he got ready to run with it I was so excited. It’s hard being at different stages in things. Now that we’re in the same place it’s better. I loved seeing his excitement today as we talked with the workers at the site to see what they thought about our plans. Some are still struggling with us wanting to move, but others who are actually from Kan Marie are excited because they know the community and know that it’s going to be better for the mission and our family.
  • It’s fun going out to the work site because of the community. Chris has spent more time out there than I have, so he’s getting to know people faster, but people ask about me and when I’m coming to visit. As we were working I heard Alex’s laugh carry on the breeze as he was sitting with one of our new neighbors in the shade with one of our workers. It made me feel so grateful that we’ll be in a place where our kids can run free and make friends, and where we’ll be able to walk and feel comfortable visiting our neighbors.
  • As we walked the property line this morning so I could see the new fence I was amazed at how different the land looked! Having the brush cleared in places and seeing a distinct fence line was fun. There are 4 big mango trees on the land and three of them are loaded with mango fransik right now. Just dripping with fruit. Unlike our trees on the Pierre Payen property, the trees have a lot of branches low to the ground. Some of these will need to be trimmed but being able to go out and hand pick fruit is exciting. There are also 3 avocado trees that we’re told give a ton of fruit, and an orange tree. Not sure if the orange is a sweet or sour orange. I just know it has a lot of fruit starting on it right now that will be ready in a couple of months. Now that the buildings are staked out Chris will be able to start planting some of the fruit trees he’s been starting. We have a guava in a big pot that already gives fruit. It’ll be nice to get that in the ground.
  • Chris’ parents got us an iPad and sent it in with Matt. It’s been a fun gift! The crazy thing is that Alex already knows what it’s supposed to do. The bad thing is that he likes to come along and start swiping his fingers all over the screen when I’m trying to do stuff on it. Because that’s not annoying. We got to talk to Gramma via video Skype a couple of times too!
  • Today Olivia knew there was a visiting group coming to her school. Typically, when there are groups coming in, they bring all sorts of candy and goodies for the kids. Olivia is one of 5 MK’s at the school, and the other 4 have only been there since January. It’s kind of a weird dynamic to know that she’s not the typical Haitian kid but that visitors don’t know she’s an MK, so she gets lumped into that. And, we can’t have her sit out from all that gifty stuff because it would make it weird for her with her classmates. This morning at breakfast O was practicing her candy ask… She just got home, and no candy, but a spanky new pair of sneakers.
  • I think Ryan is the super volunteer. Not only does he do a good job on anything he works on, he puts up with our family. Most days that means our kids are annoying him to no end, or he’s listening to Chris and I bickering, usually a conversation where we’re both saying the same thing in different ways. Today when we were working on the land and Chris and I were having a conversation where he was trying to flip and move a building in a way that made zero sense Ryan went to the car, got out the marking stakes and brought them over. When Chris asked him what he was doing he just calmly said, “I figured it might be more productive to actually start putting stakes in the ground so you can see how big the place is rather than trying to guess and wasting time talking about things that might not even be an issue.” And this is why we keep him :)
  • So Olivia just went down to ride her bike. When she was putting on her new shoes I told her they would be great for riding her bike. Is she riding her bike with her shoes? No. She took them off, left them on the step and was riding in her new white socks. Because that makes sense. Now I’m watching her walk around the driveway in said socks…

Have a great afternoon!


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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    • Thanks for the link :) We’re trying anti-fungals and the like. I think I might pick up some disposables just until he’s clear. He was on anti-biotics for a double ear infection over Christmas and that’s what triggered things. I’ve been bleaching diapers over the last two days, but I think he needs to be out of them period for a few days to let things clear up.

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