Can I Get An Intern?!?

  **Edited to Add: Links for the website and the Volunteer page are now there. See, this is exactly why I need an assistant…

I think when people look at our website they think Clean Water for Haiti is a much bigger organization than it is. Yes, we can rock the work and are really effective, but aside from our Haitian staff it’s often just Chris and I working out of our make shift office in our living room to get it all done. Ryan has been a wonderful volunteer, but sadly we have to say good-bye to him next Friday so he can go back to the “real” world and go be responsible and go to grad school or some crazy thing like that. Boooo!

We love people come and volunteer with the mission through our volunteer staff program, but Chris and I have come to a realization in the last 6 months that, while we typically take people that are interested in water treatment, that’s not really what our needs are at the moment.

Here’s the sitch. Chris is the Executive Director, and has a fair bit to deal with. I’m the Admin Director, wife of the ED, and mom to two kids under the age of 6. That’s a full plate. We work from home. I’m sure you can imaging the scenario. If not, let me elaborate for you:

  • Get up super early to make breakfast while Chris goes down to the yard to get the work day going. Kids may or may not be awake.
  • Get into the day by doing a round through the house to tidy up and make beds.
  • Attempt to check email and get my work started. Alex comes over begging for me to “snuggle” him. Him being on my lap means I’m pretty much just trying to save everything on my desk.
  • One of the workers needs something.
  • Olivia comes over and is bored.
  • The kids go play. They fight. There is screaming (from them) and time outs (from us).
  • More playing. More fighting. More noise.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Chris gets an idea or realizes he needs something and because he has a short memory and doesn’t want to forget he insists I help with it right then.
  • One of the workers needs something (maybe it’s work related, maybe they need Tylenon, maybe they chopped off a finger…)
  • More playing and fighting and time outs and me getting distracted.
  • Someone wants a snack.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Fighting, playing, crying, and someone is dirty and needs a nap.
  • Something is falling apart/broken/blowing up and Chris needs to go deal with it.
  • Olivia is bored again.
  • Someone wants a snack.
  • And, it’s the end of the work day…

This is every. single. day.

I am not getting as much done as I would like to. I have all sorts of projects on the back burner. I have my regular work that gets done weekly or monthly. Chris and I try to balance the parenting through the day and he’s fabulous at trying to take care of the kids if I have a lot on my plate. But, he can also delegate a lot of things from his plate to other staff. Truck needs repairs – delegate. A socket needs fixing – delegate. Need to know delivery schedules – delegate. Me? I have no one to delegate to. That, and there are a lot of projects that I want to see done, but I either don’t have the skills or I don’t have the time to do them. The result is that I often have way more than I can physically do, and I feel pulled in a lot of different directions. I love the work I do for the mission. I want to be a mom through the day for my kids. I want to be a happy wife.

I need help. Our family needs help. The mission needs help.

So, this is the deal. I’m looking for someone that wants to come and serve Haiti and serve the mission as a volunteer for at least a year. This position could essentially be an internship, or it could just be someone coming because they have a heart for serving and for the mission field and want to use their skill set in a unique way.

This person will serve as an assistant to me with a focus on being very involved in a media capacity as well to help with fundraising, awareness and promotion. But, because of the nature of what we do, they will also need to be the flexible type who is willing to jump in wherever they are most needed.

There are some specific things I’m looking for:

  • Background in web design to help with web site maintenance and updates
  • Ability to film and edit video for promotional and fundraising purposes
  • Photography skills would be an asset
  • Good handle on social media platforms to help with fundraising and promotion
  • Able to use Word, Excell and other programs of that nature
  • Interested in writing and helping with mission blog posts and newsletters
  • Able to help out with other admin tasks like data entry and preparing materials for staff and training classes.
  • Happy to help host visitors and training classes.
  • Willing to be flexible to help out with any other work or projects that arise around the mission.
  • Demonstrates a high level of maturity, integrity and leadership abilities
  • Interested in living cross culturally, learning the language, etc.
  • Creative.
  • Ability to work well on their own and as part of a team.

This person needs to have a relationship with Jesus, and be excited about the idea of living in a family environment. Like most missions, we are volunteer run and each volunteer is responsible for raising their own financial support – aka, we don’t pay. And, like most missions, there is a small staff fee that every volunteer pays monthly of $150 to help towards the cost of food, power, water and accommodation. If a volunteer is willing to commit to more than a year this fee will be waived after the first year. That said, this person would have their own house with all the fixings and furnishings to run away to even though they would likely spend a considerable amount of time with our family. Whoever ends up in this role will need to be okay with being around young kids because we’ve got ’em and they aren’t going anywhere.

This volunteer position would be ideal for someone who really just wants to serve, knowing that their help is going to help us do what we do better. In the end, that’s saving lives.

There would be a good amount of “office” work, but that would consist of working on media stuff as well as helping me with other admin tasks through out the week. Because we want any volunteer with us to be excited about what we’re doing and to have an intimate knowledge of that there would be plenty of time to work in the work yard to learn all the ins and outs of the Bio-sand filter world, opportunities to go out on deliveries and to be involved in all aspects of what we do. This role will also not only help us as a family and as leaders here in Haiti, but will also assist our Board of Directors as some of them are carrying certain aspects, such as web site maintenance. Having someone here to do those jobs will free up their time to focus on other things such as fundraising – something we very much need!

Is this you? If so, fire me an email at or use the handy dandy form below. If it’s not you, do you know someone who might be interested? If so, pass this on to them.

Aside from emailing me, any applicants will also need to go to our website and fill out the Staff Application Package found on the Volunteer page. I do need to receive an email though as I’m in the process of updating our application pack (again, sitting on the back burner because someone needed a snack…) and want to make sure all applicants have the list of “extras” that aren’t included in the current application package.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or contact me directly.



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