Weight Watchers: 2 Month Check-In

Today is the end of the second month that I’ve been on Weight Watchers, so it’s time to check-in and do an update!

So far, so good!

Actually, I’m really happy today because when I weighed in this morning the scale showed that I’ve now lost 15 lbs!! And, there were two weeks where I had actually gained a bit, so really I’ve lost more, but had to make up for the gains. I’m .03 shy of my first goal of losing 10% of the overall amount of weight that I need to lose, and the truth is, I know I’m already there, but because of a pizza dinner last night that’s got me feeling a bit bloated up today, it’s not showing on the scale. It was there yesterday morning, though :)

How did this month go?

Well, I got over the six week hump, which seems to be my breaking point most of the time. And, it was a challenge. Funny how that is. But, got through it.

We’ve been battling a flu type thing in our house in the last two weeks, so for weeks 7 & 8, I was still tracking, but my body was wanting comfort foods. You know, carbs, cheese, etc. Yes, normally when people are sick they don’t want those things, but I never claimed to be normal. When the cravings kick in I know I’m into recovery mode. I let myself eat those things, tracked them, and then made good choices like a giant plate of salad one night to account for it.

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and if you’ve been reading, you know we had a big get together here. How did I decide to handle the holiday and all the food?

I allowed myself to not track for one day. Actually, I decided that I would give myself that grace for any major holiday or my birthday. I know this whole things will not work if I feel guilty or deprived, so I won’t let myself go there. And, I know that one day is not going to be the ruin of all my hard work. I enjoyed dinner last Sunday, and some of the left overs this week, but I tracked them and after a day or so had no interest in them any more. Stuffing is my favorite part of the whole turkey meal, and we still have some in our fridge because it wasn’t worth using my points for.

15 lbs is a decent weight loss, if I do say so myself. Am I noticing any difference on my body?

I’m starting to. I’ve been noticing things for the last couple of weeks, actually. My ribcage area has lost the most probably, and I noticed that my wrists looked slightly slimmer. Tried on a bracelet that I have and it definitely sat in a different place than before, so it wasn’t just in my head.

The other day I put on a denim skirt I haven’t worn in a while that has two buttons on the closure, and without realizing it right away I had done it up wrong by buttoning to the farthest button, because that’s where it fit comfortably. That felt SO good :) That’s been the most noticeable clothing difference so far, though a couple pairs of shorts are starting to feel a tiny bit loose.

So, that’s the update for this month. This next month I need to focus on getting more veggies in because of all my comfort food eating. Need to get the meal plan updated too.

Have a great week!



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