Can I Be In Love With A Lappy?

Okay, this is going to be a slight diversion from our regular programming. Wait, do we even have regular programming? Huh. 


When we were home in the summer and I was meeting with our board member that is helping me get all the stuff that I need to know for the website, etc, and he looked at my laptop and said, “How old is that thing?” 

Five years.

Okay. He’s a software guy. He looked at me and told me that it would probably be a wise decision to look at getting a new one sometime soon because once I got all the programs loaded that I needed it would not only slow down my old one, but there was a very real possibility that the old one would end up crashing from all the work it would be expected to do. And, this girl ain’t got time for that!

One day a couple of weeks ago I was chatting with him on Skype and we ran through a list of things and ended up talking computer replacements. And that night I got one. It was all so fast and it didn’t involve some sort of crisis like the blue screen of death or being told my photos were lost and gone forever. It almost feels wrong or frivolous when you don’t buy a computer because of a crisis. Am I on my own with that one?

So, Peggy arrived on Thursday with my new little friend, and yesterday I spent the day loading and transferring things and mucking with settings. Moment of truth here – I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before because I was thinking about all the work it was going to be and having to get acquainted with Windows 8. I am so not joking. At 1 am I was lying in bed watching tutorials on the iPad with my earphones in so I wouldn’t wake Chris up. Crazy, right? I was reminded of an interesting personality trait that I have – when I’m in the learning process with something my brain goes into overdrive until it starts to get some form of mastery, then it totally chills out and acts like we’ve been here all along. Photoshop – dreaming about it until I got several days into tutorials and now I think about it, but in a “hey, I can totally do that” sort of way.

So, yesterday was lappy day and I hate the process. Inevitably there’s something that’s not going to work right or files won’t transfer or you just look at this piece of plastic and microchips and wonder what the heck all these programs are for. All in all? Not too bad, actually. I had some bumps trying to get it to connect to our third world internet system, but once I got through that things moved ahead nicely. File transferring? Fastest and easiest that it’s ever gone (I’ve been around the block a few times). In fact, it was so easy that I felt like something was wrong. it was too easy. I may have uttered the words, “Technology is amazing!” more than a few times. 

I know we’re still getting to know each other and that I shouldn’t make any major judgments until the third or fourth date, but I think I’m in love.

What did I get?

Well, after several failed attempts at mainstream laptops in the past Chris insisted that my last one had to be a Thinkpad, because Thinkpads have always been industry leaders not only in performance, but in durability. I didn’t love the choice at first, but 5 years people! And, the computer is no where near worn out, it just won’t work well for what I need going forward. The only things we ever needed to do to it were get a new battery, and upgraded my memory a couple years ago with a solid state drive. No matter how well you treat a computer here, Haiti is hard on them. It’s the humidity and dust, and it can’t be avoided. Yes, they can be more spendy, but when you consider the cost of having to fix a computer here or replace it, as well as the frustration of not having one available, it’s worth it. 

After a bunch of research looking at all the Lenovo Thinkpad options, as well as reading reviews, I got a Thinkpad T440s. People, this thing is slick! It’s meant to be a workhorse but it’s also fancy. By fancy I mean it’s about 0.8″ thick and weighs 3.5 pounds. I got a great deal on one that has maxed out RAM and a big solid state drive. We’ve just had too many drive crash issues that we won’t go without now. Because TIH (this is haiti). I love the keyboard, it’s super responsive and great to type on. I just love everything about this little guy so far. 

Windows 8? I completely understand why people would hate it. And I’m really happy that I read and watched the tutorials on the Windows website before I went into things. If I hadn’t, I would have hated it too. The thing is, it’s actually pretty brilliant and intuitive if you consider that it was designed to be used with touch technology. And, they give you all the same options with a mouse. Most people freak out because it looks so different and they don’t have the same desktop view, but the desktop is still there and it’s easy to get to. You just have the option of navigating between the standard desktop and the Start screen where you can have everything consolidated right in front of you. You can have live updates for things like Facebook and news feeds right there. You can see your calendar and get reminders, have all the applications that you use the most right there rather than having to go through menus to get to them. You can personalize it as much as you want by moving things around, resize the icons, group and label things. I’m still getting used to it and know that it’ll take a bit of time, but overall not a bad experience. 

So, that’s me! Me and my lappy. 

Have a great weekend!



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