What We Do

We are the full time in-country directors of Clean Water for Haiti. We are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the mission. We currently employ 14 people from our local community. Chris looks after the mechanical and fix it type things and Leslie oversees the administration part of things. Together we lead and guide and pray that we’re moving things in the right direction.

Clean Water for Haiti was established in 2001 by Tal and Adele Woolsey, a couple from Canada. Most water sources in Haiti are contaminated. Many families can’t afford to buy treated water and the result is sickness and even death.

Over the years Clean Water for Haiti has helped thousands of Haitian families get access to clean water in their homes through the use of Biosand water filters. Since the mission started work we have installed over 17,000 filters – that’s over 170, 000 people in Haiti with a means to treat water in their homes. That’s over 1.5% of Haiti’s entire population.

At our mission base in Pierre Payen, Haiti, we built the filters then our staff take them out and install them for families that have purchased them through our subsidized filter program. Each filter costs us about $50 US to produce, deliver and install. Each family pays about $5 US for their filter. This helps them invest some value in the filter, and it’s a price that even the poorest families can pay. The money collected from recipients goes right back into the filter program so we can keep doing what we do.

For more information about Clean Water for Haiti and what we do visit our website at: (click on the link)

Clean Water for Haiti

To donate to Clean Water for Haiti visit the How To Give page on the website.


5 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Gentle Friend,

    I clicked on the link just above the picture, “Clean Water for Haiti” and received an Error 404 notice. Just thought you’d like to know. I’ll go look around on other clickable link thingies on your very nice site.

    May God continue to give you wisdom and strength for the task ahead.

    Best regards,

  2. i have a corp-s in florida…..what can i do there for sanitation/water?…..what is lacking for a village tech solution long term?…….sf

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