Pray For Us

This page is dedicated to sharing how you can be praying for our family. We will try to update it periodically and date each entry so you know what is most recent.


  • Pray for finances for CWH so we can keep our work moving at full capacity.
  • Pray for wisdom and finances as we make decisions to relocate the mission to a new site.
  • Pray for Olivia as she gets ready to start Kindergarten.
  • Pray for good health for all of us.


  • Pray that we continue to settle in well as a family of 4!
  • Pray for our staff and their families.
  • Pray that we lead well and have the wisdom needed to do so.
  • Pray that the mission has the resources needed for the projects we feel we’re supposed to be taking on.


  • Pray for our adoption to be finalized so we can go home for a much needed, long overdo vacation.
  • Pray for wisdom as we lead.
  • Pray for our staff and their families, that God would provide for their needs and that they would know that provision is from him.
  • Pray for CWH as we work towards opening a second facility, that all the details would come together in his time and that we would be sensitive to that.


  • We are going to court tomorrow. We believe that God wants to use this situation and we trust that he is working for good.
  • Pray for our workers. They have been under a lot of attack – harassment and threats – because of the situation at the mission. We never want to see them harmed because of us and the mission being here. We believe God is protecting them and watching over them and their families. Pray that they will know His peace and protection in their lives, and more than anything that they are dearly loved by him.


  • Continue to pray for our case. There has been some progress made but things are slow. We would like to see it moved to Port au Prince so pray that happens.
  • Our adoption is moving slow, just like everyone else’s. We really want to be able to leave Haiti as a family for a vacation, but we’re still in the first stage (IBESR).

3 thoughts on “Pray For Us

  1. I saw this page; such a great idea to include a prayer list!! Please update any new prayer requests; excited to see God’s heart full as He is blesses and ministers to His children there through you and your family!

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