I love to cook, and living overseas where I don’t have easy access to pre-packaged foods has caused me to learn to do a lot of things from scratch. In the past I’ve done “Food Week” here on the blog, and frequently I get asked for recipes for some of the things I make. I’m going to make an effort to start linking to those posts here so you can have a little “cook book” of sorts.

For Haiti peeps, whenever applicable or possible, I’m going to include information for Haiti specific issues, like substitutions, or where we get certain things. I know that eating well here is one of the biggest struggles for most missionaries/expats, but it doesn’t have to be. We just need to get back to basics and be okay with doing things from scratch. People often ask us what we miss from back home, and the truth is – not much! I’ve figured out how to make much of what we would eat at home, and want to share those things with you.

General Awesomness:

Baked French Toast
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Creamy Pepper Dip/Sauce
Homemade Yogurt
Pumpkin Butter
Spreadable Cream Cheese


Breakfast Cookies
Granny Lockhart’s Pancakes
Poached Eggs On Toast


Creamy Carrot Soup

Main Course:

Beef In Mustard Sauce
Eggplant Lasagna
Empty Pot Mac & Cheese
Fish Cakes
Fish Tacos
Haitian Spaghetti
Homemade Tortillas
Lasagna Rolls
Mac & Cheese – Our Favorite Version
Pizza Buns
Sloppy Joe’s
Sneaky Tuna Sandwiches
Steak Au Poive
Sweet & Sour Pork
 Side Dishes:



Hasty Tasty Pudding
Mango Cobbler


Ranch Popcorn

Baked Goodies:

Breakfast Muffins (with savory version too)
Coma of Happiness Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chris’ Banana Shake
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Shaken Lemonade

Food Series/Food Week Posts:

Food Week 2009 Part 1: Granny’s Pancakes
Food Week 2009 Part 2: Empty Pot Mac & Cheese
Food Week 2009 Part 3: Steak Au Poive
Food Week 2009 Part 4: Guacamole
Food Week 2009 Part 5: Eggplant Lasagna
Food Week 2009 Part 6: A Haitian Addition
Food Week 2009 Part 7: Hasty Tasty Pudding

Food Week 2010: Breakfast
Food Week 2010: Cream Cheese
Food Week 2010: Lunch
Food Week 2010: Soup
Food Week 2010: Snacks
Food Week 2010: Dinner

Summer Food Series 2012 Wrap Up (links for all post included in post)

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