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Clean Water for Haiti is a volunteer run organization, meaning the only people that receive a salary are our Haitian staff.

Because we are volunteers we are responsible for raising our own financial support for personal expenses. We like it this way. As missionaries it reminds us that we are being “sent” by others. It means that we are accountable to those people that pray for us and choose to use their funds to help us continue what we’re doing. It reminds us that we’re not just here to live in the Caribbean. The relationship we have with our supporters is an important one to us.

Our hope is to be in Haiti long term, for many years to come. To do that we need your help and support.

Most importantly we ask that you pray for us. Haiti is a hard place to live and we’re faced with many difficult situations that we need to navigate through. We try to share prayer requests through the blog and on the “Pray For Us” page so you can know how to pray.

If you would like to contribute to our financial support that would mean a lot to us as well. To do so you can send your donation to one of the addresses below. All donations are tax deductible. Please include a note that says “Chris & Leslie Rolling Support”.

Our biggest financial needs are:

  • School fees for Olivia – $700 US per year.
  • Airfare home for the kids twice per year (airfare for Chris and Leslie is covered by the mission for fundraising/work purposes).
  • Having something in savings in the event of an emergency.

In Canada:

CWH Foundation
Box 51
Armstrong, BC
V0E 1B0

*Cheques payable to “CWH Foundation” with a note designating it to “Rollings Support”.

In the US:

Clean Water for Haiti
PO Box 871181
Vancouver, WA  98687

*Checks payable to “Clean Water for Haiti”

5 thoughts on “Support Us

  1. Praying for your safety and comfort for Chris who was awesome. You saved lives Chris. Tragedy surrounded you and you went to work helping. God bless.

  2. We commend your courage Chris, in the face of of a terrible situation. You also were courageous in sharing the experience, especially the heartache of Jacqueline’s death. Thank you for being so honest. We are praying for you and your adopted country.

  3. Amazing. Wonderful. Chris, your story of the school makes the news reports come home to me. Makes this situation real. I can feel your pain and regret on leaving Jacqueline but you did the best you could do under trying circumstances. That’s all anyone can do – their best at the time. You did a wonderful thing for those young girls! Thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings. Your and Leslie’s mission is inspiring.
    I’m praying for you all!

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